Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Episode 5: Zippylock Bag

This episode I talk about:

Bobby Kennedy, My Wishlist, Lindsay Lohan, The Bronx, The Best Hamburger in New York and Sarah Palin.

I talk about a new upcoming segment, introduce a new one "These Are The Things That make Me Mad" and...I receive another voicemail from "Annelle Blacklady"

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Archerr said...

Great "Things I Hate" segment. I found myself agreeing with almost EVERYTHING you mentioned.

When you were talking about the video store and all they had there, I thought you meant you rented 4 porn titles. hehehe

Anonymous said...

You know, British Jon, the last time I was in the Bronx I was in a grocery store and they had salad cream!! and it has the queens seal of approval on it!! So there must be some one British up there.

David b

Lauren said...

John Baker: Klassy with a K since 1983.

Cassie said...

Dude! I love "Things I Hate". Can we contribute? I have a list. A small list. It's only a few hundred pages long. I'd could share a page or two with you.

Jeremy said...

You are one truly board and disturbed human BJ!